what are the best online marketing methodes?

Have you ever wondered why high ticket affiliate marketing is considered the best method to start online marketing in 2021? Now let’s face it the options are endless, starting from Amazon FBA business to drop shipping, whatever methods are out there. But what is actually the best method to start an online business in 2021? Although every online marketer considers his method the best one, in this article, I have tried to list the top advantages (and also two disadvantages) of affiliate marketing, especially for beginners. However, before we start, I would like to explain why high ticket affiliate marketing, in particular, is so powerful.


Why High Ticket Affiliate Marketing And What Is It?

When it comes to monetizing a blog, a youtube channel, or your social media page, affiliate marketing is hugely successful. Affiliate programs are widespread, and most medium-sized and big companies have affiliate marketing involved in their marketing mix. However, to be successful at it, you have to understand it is a numbers game.

Let’s imagine one second you already have a blog doing affiliate marketing in the weight loss niche. If your goal is to monetize this blog, you have to ask yourself your financial goal. Let’s assume you would like to make $ 5000 per month with it.

A quick example

In the first example, you write an article about the five best supplements and include five affiliate links in your article. Let’s assume the average price of the promoted supplements is $20 per item. The commission you make as an affiliate is set to 20%. In this example, to achieve your goal of $5000 per month, you will have to sell 1250 items per month with your affiliate link. That sounds pretty difficult, right?

Now, let’s imagine you write another article, but you promote a 12-month personal one-on-one coaching program. The price for a personalized program might be around 2000 dollars. Our goal is still to make $5000 per month, and the commission for this product is also set at 20%. In this example, you will make $400 for each sale. To achieve your goal, you will only need 12-13 sales per month.

This is, in simple words, why you would aim to find high ticket offers in your niche. I would always advise you to find a good mix and to introduce products with high value for your audience.

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Five Reasons Why High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Is Best For Beginners

No product and shipping fees

Compared to your own Amazon business, you don’t need to stock products and paying shipping fees or fees to store your products. In fact, you don’t need to worry about finding the right supplier, dealing with the struggle of creating a product.  Also, the entire payment and refund process is not your responsibility. Instead, everything is taken care of by the vendor. All you need to do is recommend good-quality products. This makes affiliate marketing incredibly beginner-friendly.

Only a small investment to start

Unlike opening your own online store, where you won’t need an investment to start. Affiliate marketing helps you promote and sell products with no (or a minimal) investment on your part. You will need some tools like ranking software or an Autoresponder. But apart from that, you can start with a free youtube account or a WordPress website. There are paid options and tools to speed the process up, but you can build your audience almost for free if you want. Since you do not own the products, there are no costs of making or buying products. The only investment needed is the promotion of the product.

Why is affiliate marketing the best online marketing methode?

Passive Income 24/7

Affiliate links bring you profit at any moment of the day, literally 24/7. When visitors click on the link, the activity is tracked even if they don’t buy instantly. The conversion is linked to your link for 20-90 days in many cases. So if the visitors buy later, you will still make the commission. This kind of passive income is an excellent opportunity for bloggers to profit even when they are focused on other projects. Once published and the article gets visitors, you will make commissions with very little work for it.

Great Income Potential

Affiliate marketing offers great potential because a specific territory or language does not limit them. This helps you reach a large group of people, which results in more opportunities to earn from affiliate link promotion. Especially with high ticket affiliate marketing, it is quite easy to make good commissions compared to building up an offline company where you need supply chains, a factory or office, staff, etc. Nevertheless, you will have to put effort into your online business and treat it like a business, not a hobby!

If you are doing online marketing and affiliate marketing, particularly affiliate marketing, options for how you want to do it are endless! The most popular way to do so is by using your website or blog and choose a specific niche. But you can also use Youtube or other social media platforms for such promotions. As a result, both vendors and affiliates can use affiliate marketing to grow their business online. They are joined by one common goal. This win-win relationship is the main reason why affiliate marketing is often used in online marketing.

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing

As promised, to finish this article, two reasons can potentially be a disadvantage for some people. Also, I recommend you to read my article about the top five reasons why affiliate marketers fail.

For me personally, the two main disadvantages of high ticket affiliate marketing are the following:

  • It can be very competitive in some niches

Since the relation with your audience is so important to do affiliate marketing, it will take some time to get there. Resistance is key, and to become successful, you will have to put the work into this.

  • Getting affiliate links approved can be a pain

Some vendors do not permit to promote their products to very new and inexperienced affiliates in some cases. On my blog, I will share my best tips and tricks on what you can do to get your affiliate links approved, but sometimes you first have to prove to vendors that you are trustworthy and serious before they allow you to promote their product. This is only the case in some affiliate marketing programs, however. There are also plenty of platforms like digistore24, or Clickbank, where you don’t need approval from a vendor.

That’s if, for this post, I hope you find useful. Feel free to comment or get in touch with me if you have any questions!



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