Welcome to my Ministry of Freedom review. The online marketing course is the flagship product of Jono Armstrong, a 7-figures entrepreneur who makes most of his money as an affiliate marketer and creates his own digital marketing products. The goal of the training is to enable you to make money online and work from home eventually.

In this article, I will review the most updated version of Ministry of Freedom. As always, when I do product reviews, I‘ve tested and purchased the product myself. This way, I can give you an in-depth description of what the program is about. I will share my honest opinion after joining this program and testing the last six months. I‘ve summarized the program in the next segment for those of you who are in a hurry. 

A quick summary

Ministry of freedom is an online marketing training program that covers various aspects of online marketing. The training consists of an introduction part followed by the actual training area, split into nine modules. Each module covers a specific theme of affiliate marketing.

Please read my full review to get detailed insights into what to expect in each of the modules later on. Pretty much at the beginning, you choose if you want to go the organic route or the paid traffic route (where you promote the program with YouTube ads). The most important topics you will be cover in training are product reviews on YouTube, building an E-Mail list, creating your products, promoting it, and setting up YouTube ads.

What you can expect from Ministry of Freedom

If you join the Ministry of Freedom members area, here is what you can expect to get in return:

Very Detailed Training Videos
The training area contains more than 30 hours of very detailed training videos to follow step by step.
Acess To MOF Community Support And Private Facebook Group
Inside these groups, you can find almost 24/7 support by other members and moderators, as well as additional training videos.
Five Weekly Live Q&A's
From Monday to Friday, daily live Q&A for new beginners and an additional daily Q&A on a specific topic with top coaches in this industry.
Personal Coach for All New Members
Personal one-on-one coaching sessions with your personal coach for all new members for 60 days.
60-Days Money Back-Guarantee
The program offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. Additionally, Jono promises to pay you $10000 if you don’t make that amount in your first 60 days. However, restrictions to this apply, so please be aware of that.

Who is Jono Armstrong?

First, I would like to talk with you about the founder of Ministry of Freedom, Jono Armstrong, for one second. In concise words, Jono Armstrong is a 7-figures online affiliate marketer. Jono made most of his money launching products on a platform called Warriorplus.

Let’s dive into Jonos story for one second.

Ministry of Freedom founder Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong is originally from Scarborough in the UK. He moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, and has lived there since late 1999. While initially only been in Bali for vacation, he quickly fell in love with the country and now has settled in Jakarta. Jone lives there with his wife Cice, his two sons Adam and Toby, and their dog Morris.

While he initially started as a teacher, Jono got attracted to making money online and working from home relatively soon. After trying to make money online on Amazon, eBay, and even as a musician. Despite actually trying drop shipping, he was never too comfortable with the business model.

Starting with affiliate marketing, back in 2017, Jono Armstrong became highly successful and scaled this business into a 7-figures company in 2019.

Who is Ministry of Freedom for?

So who is this program for? I can say the program is an excellent choice for everyone interested in a detailed training program that covers all essential aspects of high ticket affiliate marketing and gives you an insight into how the industry works.

Also, you will receive great tips when it comes to user habits and mindset to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Ministry of Freedom isn’t for people looking to get rich quickly by pushing buttons. You will have to invest at least 1-2 hours of work into it per day. Additionally, if you don’t have access to a computer or laptop, the program is not suitable for you.

You can pick up the Ministry of Freedom right now if you are interested in the link below or read the detailed report with my conclusion and rating of the program…

Get Ministry of Freedom Now!

What is offered inside the Training Area?

In this section, I will give you an insight into each of the modules, so let’s get started right away:

Insight to the members area of Ministry of Freedom

When you purchase Ministry of Freedom, the first thing you will have to do is signing a couple of documents. This includes a legal agreement regarding the money-back guarantee, the personal coaching, and contact details to join a local support group.

When you completed this step, you will receive your login details. Inside the member’s area, the first thing you will do is watching the introduction videos. There is also a quick start module, where you learn to download demo videos, personalize them and reupload them on YouTube. To make this more convenient for you, the difficulty level is increased slowly but steadily. You will start by uploading demo videos and end it by making full customized review videos on youtube.

Choose Organic Or Paid Traffic

As I mentioned earlier, after that, you decide to eighter go down the organic route or the paid traffic road. If you choose to go down the paid traffic route, you will need an additional budget of around $1500 for your YouTube ads.

Many new members, including myself, are very new to affiliate marketing when they join the program. I would always advise you to go down the organic route. It might take you a bit longer, but you will learn everything from scratch. Starting with paid ads can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing, from my experience.

Week 1– Mindset, Commitment, and Success

This module is quite an important one. You will learn a lot about the right mindset, self-optimization, and what it takes to become successful as an online marketer. After each module, you will do a short assessment before you are allowed to move. This is to ensure that you understand everything before you move on.

Week 2 – Tools and Applications

To implement all the information that you will learn, you will need a couple of tools and programs that you will need to make this work. If you are doing the organic part of the training, you will be asked to buy a webcam and a microphone. While this is not mandatory from the beginning, it will improve the quality of your content drastically.

Here is, in short, what Jono recommends to get:

  • Commission Gorilla (a tool to create bonus pages, costs around $25 per year with discount code
  • Warrior Plus and JvZoo account (free of charge)
  • An Autoresponder such as Aweber or Getresponse (get a free trial)
  • A domain and hosting (if you are doing paid traffic, costs around 10-30 dollars per year)

Members area of Ministry of Freedom

Week 3-4: Launch Jacking

In this module, you are going to learn how to get free traffic to your YouTube channel. What you try to do is building your audience by offering review videos for digital products on YouTube. It will take some of you out of your comfort zone. Still, it is not that difficult, and everything is covered in detail in training. The best part about that method is that you can build up a reputation in your niche.  To create an audience of people trusting you is the fundament, and give you the basis for the next steps.

Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies

This is where the real money starts to come in. Many Ministry of freedom students, including myself, do make great commissions from that. It includes using ads on YouTube.

Week 6: Soft launching

This part of the training shows you an easy way to start creating the products that you let other affiliates promote or send the offer to your E-Mail list. Jono Armstrong began to make a 5-figures income per month. Everything is explained in detail in training.

Week 7: Email Marketing

Once you have built up a decent E-Mail list with the previous methods, it is time to send out regular E-Mails. You can send out regular offers from where you can make commissions. Sending great E-Mails doesn’t have to be complicated. Still, you will learn what to do to make your E-Mails very engaging so people will open them, click on your links, and eventually purchase from you because they trust you.

Week 8: Product Launching

An Insight of all videos in the week 6 module

Creating your product is one of the most effective ways to make a high income online. You will learn where to get the ideas from, set everything up, distribute channels to use, structure the pricing, upsell pages to use, and much more.

If you choose to create a product, Jono will promote your products, which means a guaranteed 50+ sales just from Jono alone, which is a massive advantage of the program.

Week 9: Paid Traffic

This part of the program is all about paid traffic, particularly paid traffic with YouTube ads. You can use prerecorded ads produced from Jono to promote Ministry of Freedom. If it is done correctly, it has the potential to give you a return of return on investment of $2-4 for every dollar that you spend.

Pricing of Ministry of Freedom

Ministry of Freedom can be purchased for a one-time payment of $1497 or three installments of $797. If you can, I would highly recommend purchasing the program in a one-time payment. Then, you will be able to benefit from all bonuses directly and make a much better deal.

Posts, when people share their success, are posted almost daily. In my case, I was able to make my investment back after around three months. Therefore, considering all the support you will get, it is a fair price in my opinion.

Conclusions and Rating

To sum things up, it is probably safe to say Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong is one of the best training programs in this industry. It will give you great value for money, and it is a good choice if you would like to build up an online business long term.

You will learn multiple strategies to make money online and complete training that I know in that niche. What makes this program so unique is the very detailed training, the support you get from the coaches and the Facebook group, and the MOF community support. While the investment is not insignificant, the added personal coaching is a tremendous additional benefit.

But with all that said, nothing is perfect. Below I have listed the most important pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if Ministry of Freedom is a good choice for you,

Pros and Cons of Ministry of Freedom

Extensive And High Quality Training Videos
In-Deepth Training Of All Relevant Aspects Of Affiliate Marketing
Great Amount Of Support From Coaches And Community
Personal One-On-One Coaching For All New Members For 60 Days
Some Additional Costs Occur For Necessary Tools And Software
Some Of The Promoted Products Are Of Questionable Quality. However It Is Up To You To Promote These Or Not.
Below you can find my ratings in the categories content quality and structure, pricing and value for money, support, and overall rating. Disclaimer: The rating below represents my personal option after testing and evaluating the program carefully.

Quality of Content and Structure ★★★★☆

First of all, I have to admit, there are tones of extensive and high-quality training videos found in the member’s area. The training is well structured and clear. However, some new members may feel a bit overwhelmed by the videos alone. Some fundamental computer skills will make it much easier. Also, on a negative note, outdated content is not always updated immediately.

Value for Money and Pricing ★★★★☆

Learning tested and proven techniques from a 7-figures online entrepreneur like Jono Armstrong makes life so much easier. A huge advantage is that the coaches working for MOF are true experts in this industry, and you will get a tone of successful tips and tricks.

I figured out that Jono has really high moral standards, and he is going out of his way to keep improving the quality of the member’s area. Still, the initial price of $1497 might be quite high for some people. Another disadvantage is the additional costs for mandatory tools and software. So overall, you are spending quite a bit of money before making any.

Support ★★★★★

As you already know, I truly believe the amount of support is one of the biggest strengths of Ministry of Freedom. There is no other program offering that many Q&As, introduction onboarding calls, and community support. You can even jump and a weekly Q&A with Jono himself.  Unfortunately, in the past, the average response time of moderators has sometimes been over the advertised time frame of 24-48 hours. However, this will hopefully improve with the new structure of the program. As a result, I can give well deserved five stars here.

Overall review ★★★★☆

Compared to other training in the same niche, the Ministry of Freedom is one of the best, if not the best online marketing training in this industry. While there is still room for slight improvements here and there, it is a product that has proven to help many students and is constantly updated.

If you are interested in purchasing Ministry of Freedom today, you can do so with the link below.

Get Ministry of Freedom now!


You benefit from the following bonuses:

  • Free Done-for-you campaign setup available (value $5000)
  • Monthly “I send you sales” bonus rotator (for full paid members only, value $10000)
  • Three-in-One Software Automatization (value $4600)
  • Passive Income Accelerator (value $900)
  • Commission Doubler (value $3000)
  • Four Figure Commission Boost (value $2000 per sale)

That’s it for today’s review; I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your interest! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section, and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible!