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Find the perfect niche for your online marketing business

find niche for online business


While one of the first steps, when you start your online marketing business, is to choose your niche. Why do you need a niche? Nobody is a know-it-all. Because you will need to build trust and a connection with your audience, you will have to specialize in one specific topic. Ideally, your perfect niche is a combination of the following points.

  • An area where you will have greater knowledge than your audience where you can provide a benefit
  • An area that you like and enjoy sharing your knowledge (this will help you stay motivated and consistent)
  • An audience with high revenue potential

Step by step guide to find your perfect niche for your online marketing business

  1. Ask yourself what you like to do and where you have greater knowledge than your potential audience. Remember that you don’t have to know everything. If you can create value in one aspect of that niche, that’s already sufficient. For example, maybe you are interested in healthy food, fitness, or passionate about photography and have great tips on finding the best equipment. Be very specific here and create an avatar of your subscriber. What language does it speak? If we take the example of the healthy food niche, is your channel mainly for men, women, or both? Do you want to focus on weight loss or building up muscle? Do you focus on carb cycling, low carb, food supplements? Also, consider evergreen that niches like Health&Wellness, Fitness and Weight loss, Love and relationship, or  Making money online have the highest search volumes but are also very competitive. Once you do have 1-2 ideas move on to the next step.niche categories on clickbank
  2. The next point you have to consider is finding keywords relevant to your niche. Your general goal is to find keywords with a high search volume and low competition if possible. Try to find these keywords from a customer perspective. It can be good to look for alternative keywords that are easier to rank your articles but have a bit lower search volume. There are plenty of free tools to such as the Google ads keyword finder. The tool that I personally use is called Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. It gives you more advanced info while the structure is very intuitive. You can search for keywords or analyze your website, it will show you the search volumes, how competitive it is, and suggest alternative related keywords. The basics options and creating an account are free, while there are upgrade options. Pick 3-5 keywords and include them as much as possible in your titles, descriptions, articles, or posts. find the niche for your online marketing business
  3. Do a benchmark study and visit sides or topics from sides, social media profiles, youtube channels, etc., in your niche. Then, especially with successful sides, analyze the content, the structure of the side, E-Mail newsletter, etc. You should not copy and paste everything but get inspiration and ideas. Remember, you don’t have to invent everything from scratch but can copy strategies proven to work.
  4. Choose your channel and ask how you would like to spread your content. This can be through a website, a Youtube channel, a social media profile, or running paid ads.
  5. Upload content at least 3x times per week, be consistent, and create value for your audience. Search engine and social media platform will benefit you after you keep uploading unique, great quality content!

That’s it for this article. I hope you will find it useful. Feel free to get in contact with me, talk soon!

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